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Issue 10 Visit No. 29

May 2008

Dear Teammates,

How faithful is our God and greatly to be praised! His wonderful help and blessing on this gospel outreach to reservation Indians is more and more evident as each new day comes. We are most thankful for all the good people like you who are helping us. I would like to share a bit about some of these and the key parts they are playing, often unaware to them or us of God’s doing until He providentially puts the pieces all together.

Marvin Boettcher is called of God to witness and win Indians to Jesus! As a commercial deep-sea fisherman, he often put into small coastal ports and gave out Bibles and witnessed to Indians. As he listened to his radio at sea, he first heard, "Hello there, Neighbor!" He tracked down "the voice" at his first opportunity and met old Bro. Don Cline. It was love at first sight as God witnessed to our souls that we were brothers in this cause. As Peter of old, Marvin left his nets, sold his boat, and followed God’s leading. Having much experience with big rigs, hauling logs and other trucking when not at sea, Marv knew about snow, ice, and "chaining up". The stories of the hundreds of thousands of miles we and our other drivers have traveled without accident or loss are filled with the miracles of divine protection. From Alaska to Mexico, from the Pacific Coast to Pennsylvania and Alabama, God has kept us and we praise Him. Now, sixteen months through the "open door of First Nation Ministries", God has blessed us with the joy of being "on the road again" together. .

Dave Mossbarger has been a true brother to this old preacher through the many years of our past. His business is cameras and photography and he has graciously provided us with a wonderful digital camera which has been a big help in making these newsletters possible.

Eric Stiller, from Christian News Northwest, dropped by our office and assured us of their interest in the evangelization of Native Americans. His warm, generous spirit was a tremendous uplift and we soon realized the blessing his efforts were to us.

Richard Koe, from Christian News Northwest, used his gift as a reporter to produce the words and pictures on pages five and six which tell the why, how, where, and when of our labors. We couldn’t have placed advertising that would in any way accomplish what these fine people have given

Eric Mortensen, a reporter from THE OREGONIAN newspaper, was busy at Celilo Indian Village on February 28, 2007. The First Nation Ministries’ team, Don Cline, Bob King, and Leon Hansen, arrived with a load of food, clothing, and Bibles. This unplanned meeting showed us once again that God’s providences, blessings, and timing are perfect. What a help their pictures and stories have been to our outreach.

Dennis Hayes, from KPDQ Radio, came to our humble office and shared the conviction of his heart that we should be back on the air. Realizing our financial limitations, he pledged to find a sponsor to bear the load. This he has done and what a blessing it is to our ministry.

Oh, how I wish I had time and space to picture the hundreds of teammates that have done so much and have been so faithful through the forty-one years of my missionary outreach to reservation Indians. I am indebted to you all and pray God’s choice blessings upon you.

These are just a few that have been forthcoming by the providences of God during the testing times of 2007 and 2008. I did not go to them, but as I went to God, He sent the help. We praise Him and say ‘thank you’ to all of you.

Your old missionary brother;

Don Cline



For six years, I enjoyed unlocking doors, turning on lights and heat at the Troutdale mission, then having an hour alone with God under the big buffalo head given by Crow Indians so we would remember to pray for them. Looking north, seven snow-capped peaks tower over the Cascades, affirming God’s greatness. "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord" (Ps. 121:1). God answered those prayers. For thirty five years after building on 130th Avenue, the Clines had their best neighbors ever. Shermon Timmon’s family guarded against vandalism, loved, prayed for, and supported us. Son Bruce was the best of paper boys. Never late or missed. Daughter Cathy always beamed her smile and friendship. Mom Sybil, a true handmaid of the Lord, awaits us all in heaven. Dad Sherm lives alone, prays daily, and supports his old missionary brother.



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