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Issue 12 Visits No. 29,35,36,37

July 2008

Dear Teammates,

God’s promise is ever before us as we read "faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it" (II Thess. 5:24). God does not send us on fool’s errands! He calls us, He directs us, He goes with us He opens and closes the doors for us, and He blesses us, gives success, and brings to pass His good pleasure. We are called of God, Praise His Holy Name!

We are consecrated as we have surrendered our all to obey His will and His way. What a blessing to know the why, the what, and the how of the work our Lord has given us to do. We are committed to give our all and our best as we lean on His everlasting arms and look to Him for guidance and strength. How faithful God has been to the First Nation Ministries team. Not one of His good promises have failed. He has directed our steps to the Celilo people and what a blessing it is to be a blessing to them. We feel we’re just getting started and that God is up to something with these wonderful people. We are working with our Indian brother, Dale Wheeler, to provide needed furniture, fixtures, and household items to make their long awaited new houses truly real homes! We have a beautiful leather bound Bible for every family. We are determined that every child will have a good bed and that every family will know that we are brothers and sisters who care about First Nation people

Rolling Hills Church on Stafford Road, just off of I-205, is the collection point. Saturday, August 9th, is the date to bring your donations of tables, bookcases, chairs, throw rugs, pictures, sofas, twin beds, full size beds, bunk beds, and queen beds, lamps, etc. to fill our 48 foot semi-truck. Please call us for details and to make sure it is suitable before you bring anything, or to arrange help in transporting it. If you cannot reach us at our office (503-408-2391), please contact us at our residence (503-253-7123) or on our cell phone (503-539-8600).

One week later on Saturday, August 16th, we will visit Celilo with the semi-truck and give out the load. You may want to follow us in your cars and meet these good people and see their homes and get acquainted.

The other point of interest in this letter is the Tulalip Church of God Mission in Marysville, Washington at mile post 199 on I-5 north of Seattle.

Thank you from the depth of my heart for all your prayers, support, and for "being on the team"!

Your old missionary brother,


Don Cline


Visit #29

This report of Visit 29 is out of sequence as we had a problem getting the pictures, but what a wonderful time of blessing it was on Friday, April 11th. It is always a great joy and assurance to the team to start the visits around the Friday morning prayer breakfast table. Howard Ramsey and his son, Ken, are two of the volunteers that love to "get in on the action to get in on the blessing". Bob King, one of our good drivers and missionaries, was in charge of the fully loaded Dodge and big van trailer. Your old missionary brother, Don, enjoyed the ride and thanked God for all the stout young men to do the work!

Visit #35

Bob King, Marv Boettcher, and Bro. Don were invited to the Salmon Fest in the Long House at Celilo Village on Saturday, May 17th. These people would not think of starting the fishing season without this ceremony and prayer to the Creator seeking His blessing and protection. Archeologists have uncovered ruins of fishing camps at this site that pre-date the birth of Jesus! What an honor to be with them and see that some have found Jesus as Savior and Lord.



Visit #36

On Friday, June 20th, following a wonderful time of prayer with the prayer gang, Leon Hansen and Don Cline made their first visit to the new houses of Celilo Village. Not all the moving from temporary housing had yet been completed, and we learned of the great need for beds and furnishings that exist. Now a month later, as we make this report to you, Dear Teammates, the plans are made to do our best to help these people make homes in their lovely new houses.


Visit #37

The brothers met in prayer, Friday, June 27th, then joined in loading the Dodge and trailer "brim full" of food for the Tulalip Reservation, twenty-five miles north of Seattle, Washington. Leon Hansen and Bob King joined old Bro. Don for the trip. Pastor Emitt Thrower and food bank director, Frances Morden, welcomed us warmly. Their team then unloaded the food into the food bank which sits by the Tulalip Church of God Indian Mission Chapel. After a very pleasant evening of fellowship, we retired to a motel to clean up, rest, and prepare for worship with these dear people on Sunday morning. How we enjoyed their wonderful music! Five guitars, drums, and a keyboard all played by skilled "born again" Indians. It was a service we will not forget. God was there!