July 2007



Dear Teammate,


  Your old missionary brother’s heart overflows with joy as I pen these words for this third newsletter from First Nation Ministries.  “Blessed be the name of Jesus, I’m so glad He took me in!  He’s forgiven my transgressions, He has cleansed my heart from sin.  Glory, glory to the Father, glory, glory to the Son.  Glory, glory to the Spirit, glory to the Three in One.” 

  We have celebrated Independence Day on the fourth of July, but the real independence day for me was August 7, 1937 when as a sixteen year old boy I knelt in the sawdust of an old-fashioned camp meeting and surrendered everything to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  We gave two reports with pictures from mission visits No. 1-3 in the May letter and visits No. 4-6 in the June letter.  This July letter will bring us through visits No 7-9.

We will soon be caught up and on the schedule we projected of a monthly newsletter that reports and sends pictures of the preceding month’s mission activities.

  May God bless you real good for your prayers and giving that makes it all possible.


Your old missionary brother,


Don Cline





The Christian life is not a series of ups and downs.  It is rather a process of “ins and outs.”  God works in, and we work out.


In the Christian life, knowledge and obedience go together.


The most important thing in our Christian lives is not how we look in our own sight or in the sight of others (I Cor 4:1-4), but how we look in God’s sight.


More things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of.


Life’s best outlook is a prayerful uplook.


Nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer except that which lies beyond the will of God.





 Mission Trip No. 7

   On Friday, May 4th, Bob King, Leon Hansen, and Don Cline paid a quick visit to Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation.  Bro. Gordon Monroe and his people had asked us to come.  All agreed it was a time of blessing and making progress for the labor of God’s people at Browning.  An earlier trip had ended when the engine of the red Ford pickup quit while en route.  We towed it home, reorganized, and this time we made it!  For many years Gordon, who was secretary of the Tribal Council, has been our Brother and co-laborer, coordinating our efforts to help the pastors reach the needy with physical and spiritual help.  They have invited us to hold a united crusade this summer.  We are now praying and planning for this.  Will you join us in asking God’s blessing and help in this endeavor?


Pictures from this trip:

A full load of food

Gordon Monroe joins his men

Gordon and Helpers

Start of a new mission building

Fred Bear Medicine and friends

Leon, Bob, Gordon and Don


Mission Trip No. 8


  Tuesday, May 22, Don Cline and daughter, Deborah, left the office work behind and had a most wonderful day together as they took the Dodge diesel and the 14’ van trailer with food, clothing, and Bibles to Celilo Indian Village.  Deborah drove bus for David Douglas School District in Portland for 20 years and surprised and pleased her old Dad with her skill, carefulness, and smoothness in handling the mission rig!

  The Indian friends we work through are believers in Jesus as Lord and Savior and we rejoice that we can be a blessing and help to them.


Pictures from this trip:

Office closed for one day

Office manager becomes a trucker

Fred, Karen, Don, Deborah

Fred, Karen, and Don make plans

Unloading at the longhouse

Ron thanks God for Christians who care


Mission Trip No. 9


    Memorial Day afternoon, Monday May 28th, Leon Hansen and Don Cline took the Dodge diesel and van trailer to minister and fellowship at Northwest Indian Bible School. This was the big week at Alberton, Montana with a Spirit-filled camp meeting and graduation, with friends and alumni coming from coast to coast to "get blessed and be a blessing"!

    T see these young people "go with God" is a thrill, as we remember when we first ministered to some of them out on the reservation before they found Jesus as Lord and Savior. Your prayers and dollars enabled some of them to come to this fine training center and now some are going back..

Pictures from this trip:


T-Bird donated to Alex Bad Bear

The graduation Service

Don and CodyLittle Moon

Cody Little Moon with diploma

Don with graduates