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Issue 8;  Visits No. 22,23,24


January 2008

Dear Teammates,


We are praising our Lord for His hand upon us as we completed 24 visits to the reservations in 2007.  We had hoped and prayed that we might be able to make one visit a month as the year started.

As we praised our Heavenly Father for a beginning with a 78 Ford pick-up and worn out trailer, we rejoiced as grandson Jesse Cline stepped up and got his dream truck and made it available to his old Grandpa.  This brand new, heavy duty, 4 wheel drive Dodge Diesel now has nearly thirty thousand miles on it!

Teammates Marv Boettcher and Wayne Campbell convinced us to get the best trailer made for the strenuous use of hauling loads of food that weigh as much as three tons.  Together we agreed on a 14’ by 7’ tandem axle Wells Cargo 7’ high van.  We borrowed the $5000.00 to pay for it and went to work.  A few days later a dear friend phoned me and wanted to know what was going on and what I was doing.  As I shared with him, he wrote a check to pay off the loan.

Pastor Arnold Motz, my long time friend, offered us the free use of his church basement, the Woodland Park Chapel at 1914 NE 102nd Avenue.  This nice facility has two rest rooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and 5 Sunday School classrooms for inner offices or storage.  Then these good people gave us $1000.00 to help us get equipment and set up the office.

The Club Estates East condominiums at SE 122nd and Main Street gave us permission to use their lovely club house each Friday morning for our prayer breakfast meetings.

Feeling a pull in my soul to help the needy families living at Celilo Village, just east of The Dalles, I obeyed and unknowingly arrived with food when food stamps were exhausted and some of the families had pooled their meager groceries to feed their hungry children.  In tears and praise to God, these people declared, “God sent you!”  Two white men we met there were a reporter and a camera man from The Oregonian unbeknownst to us.  They never revealed their identity until we were saying goodbye.  The following Sunday the story was on the front page of their paper.  It told of the need, the poverty, and a “hobbling, 84 year old, white preacher” named Don Cline with First Nations Ministries who the Indians declared God had sent.  Our phone began to ring and people began bringing in food and household items.

Finally, in their January issue, the Christian News Northwest paper gave a wonderful report of their appraisal and approval of this old missionary and his team.

All of this unsolicited publicity has been most helpful and we are grateful to God and our many friends.  By God’s grace we will push the battle for the souls of Indian people!  Thank you for being “on the team”.


Your old missionary brother,

Don Cline




Lord, I would ask for a holy year,

Spent in Thy perfect will;

Help me to walk in Thy very steps—

Help me to please Thee still.


Lord, I would ask for a year of faith,

Give me Thy faith divine,

Taking my full inheritance,

Making Thy fullness mine.


Lord, I would ask for a year of love;

Oh, let me love Thee best!

Give me the love that faileth not

Under the hardest test.


Lord I would ask for a busy year,

Filled up with service true;

Doing with all Thy Spirit’s might

All that I find to do.


Lord, I would ask for a year of prayer—

Teach me to walk with Thee;

Breathe in my heart Thy Spirit’s breath,

Pray Thou Thy prayer in me.


Lord I would ask for a year of joy,

Thy peace, Thy joy divine,

Springing undimmed thru all the days,

Whether of shade or shine.


Lord, I would ask for a year of hope,

And hastening on that year of years,

That brings us Christ and home.

Looking for Thee to come.




  I do not know who wrote these words, but my old heart says, “Amen, and Amen!”  I love you, Dear Ones.  Thank you for all your financial help and prayers this first year of First Nations Ministries.




  For a number of years we have personally had the joy of reaching a helping hand to Indian reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.  Calvin and Becky Bennett are now at the head of our efforts as they direct 12 mission stations.  Calvin is the son of Lester and Leona Bennett and Becky if the daughter of Bill and Dorothy Edwards.  These veteran missionaries have spent many years among the Indians.  Recently, we learned that no outside help had been given to these choice servants of God.  As they shared their need with us we got on our knees and cried out to God on their behalf.  Les and Shirley Phipps have been loyal helpers for many years to my ministry an also to these others.  I shared the need with them and together we soon had the Dodge and trailer loaded and headed to Phoenix.  Les and Shirley gave food and helped FNM find bargains to make out the load.  They offered to make the trip as volunteers at no cost to our limited resources for their expenses.  I insisted that FNM pay the fuel cost which we did.  They completed the trip from Sat., Nov 17 to Tues., Nov 22.  As we rejoiced and praised God, Les and Shirley gave a single donation to FNM to more than cover the total of all expenses of the trip.  We praise God!





 I shared my burden with the prayer band and together we asked God to “make the pieces fit” as we planned a Christmas ministry to our friends at Celilo Village.  What a mighty God we serve;  He does more than we ask or think!  Praise His holy name and to Him be all glory!  Eric Mortenson, a reporter for The Oregonian, visited me and asked to ride the Dodge on this trip together with an Oregonian photographer, Beth Nakamura.  Rev. Merle Davis and his Bridal Veil congregation took on the project of a personal gift for every child.  Howard and Debbie Ramsey took the lead in a gift for each man and woman.  Names, gender, and sizes were furnished by Karen Jim Whitford. 







  Saturday evening, December 29th, Don Cline and Marvin Boettcher headed out with a load of food for the mission chapel and food bank on the Tulalip Indian Reservation at Marysville, Washington north of Seattle.  Sister Frances Morden has been in charge of the food bank since missionary Marjory Williams’ death a few years ago.  Rev. Adam Williams and his wife Marjory started pastoring this Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) work over forty years ago.  When God called Adam home in 1978, Marjory continued these many years.  Now Rev. Emitt and Robin Thrower are the pastors.  Sister Frances Morden directs the food bank with assistance of Ray and Penny Jacobs.