April 2007
Dear Friend,
  Over forty years have flown by since “God’s call” was placed on me to give my all in reaching Indian people for Christ.  I had worked hard winning souls in the “white church world” for over twenty years.
  Some Portland business men had taken me as their guest on a moose hunt in a remote part of British Columbia.  We had ridden horse back the last several miles beyond the end of the road.  My personal “no hunting on Sunday” rule left me sitting in camp the next day, which was Sunday.  The guide asked if I would have a worship service that evening.  Of course I was overjoyed to do so, and he quickly got the word out through his Indian employees.  That evening a goodly number gathered in that hunting camp.  I had spent the day in prayer and preparation and felt directed to preach as a “dying man to dying men” who might not have another chance to find God.  I placed chairs together to have a makeshift altar.  God blessed in a most wonderful way, and white men and Indian men were on their knees weeping and seeking forgiveness.
  One big, six foot, two hundred pound Indian grabbed me in a crushing hug and shouted, “I’m right with the Creator!  I have always wanted to be His.  Now I am!  If I die tonight I’m ready to meet Him.  I’m saved from my sins.”  His tears flowed as he rejoiced and begged me to come and help his people, saying, “We understand how you talk.  I can’t read or write; we have no Bible.  It is over a hundred miles to the nearest church;  all we have are horses.  We can’t go!  What chance do my children have?  Please come help us!  We will listen.”
  The time of rejoicing ended and the hunters went to the bunkhouse and the Indians to their tents.  I walked the perimeter of the fenced-in horse pasture and wept and wrestled.  Looking up at the bright stars and full moon of that clear, cold, Canadian night, I talked to God and said, “Lord, these people are hurting!  Why don’t You do something?”  God spoke to my heart saying, “Why don’t YOU do something?”  I replied, “Who, me?”  His reply was, “Yes, you.”  That is how Frontier Missions was born.  All praise and glory is God’s alone!  He took it from one man in a pick up truck to the wonderful equipment, facilities, and ministry that is enjoyed today.  Truly it is a “vine of God’s planting”.  Praise His name!  Now the years have caught God’s old servant.  The doors at Frontier Missions have been closed to me, however, I earnestly pray for one and all of the team as they carry on this important outreach to the Indian people.  May God’s hand and blessing be on them!
  But, now, what is old Don Cline going to do?  It is an interesting question which many have asked and I am deeply grateful for their concern and prayers.  I’ve smiled at some of the suggestions offered: an ocean cruise with my wife, a tour of the Holy Land, just quit and relax, go fishing and hunting, and so on.  None of these fit; I am called of God to reach Indians for Christ.  There is nothing I want more than to minister to my precious Native brothers and sisters!  As I prayed and waited on the Lord, His Spirit assured me
That He was in control and that He would bring to pass His good pleasure.  He assured my soul that He would handle everything and my heart is content and filled with joy. 
  His direction to me is very clear, “Get out there and let Me use you.”, so, I have formed “First Nation Ministries”.  I got my old 78 Ford pick up truck out of storage and found a used trailer that was available to pull behind it.  However, God was already putting His plan in place.  As my grandson, Jesse, and I talked, he shared his dream of owning a Dodge Diesel Heavy Duty 4x4 pick up truck.  We found exactly what he wanted at a  greatly reduced price through the courtesy of friends in the car business.  God has given Jesse a fine job with Tidewater Tug and Barge Company.  He is on board the boat fifteen days of the month and then home fifteen days.  He told me I could use his truck as my own while he was working and that when he was home he would make trips with me to the reservation.  My heart cries out, “Thank you, Jesus!” 
  Two brothers in the Lord, Wayne Campbell and Marv Boettcher, told me the trailer was too old and would be nothing but trouble.  I listened to their thinking, experience, and suggestion, then bought a new 14’x7’x7’ “Wells Cargo” trailer.  A teammate asked me how much it cost and gave me a check to cover the expense.  Another teammate donated a top of the line hitch sway bar that was required.  Again I praised God for His goodness! 
  The next thing I needed was office space and as I searched out rentals, found nothing in a suitable price range.  Brother Arnold Motz, pastor of “Woodland Park Chapel” at 1914 NE 102nd Avenue, in Portland, Oregon, said, “Why don’t you use our church basement?  I’m 91 years old and we no longer have Sunday School.”  I looked it over and was delighted at the assembly area with tables and chairs for fellowship, nice kitchen with everything in it, restrooms, and five classrooms for inner offices and storage.  This is all for the ministry’s use, free of charge!  This generous Pastor and his people gave me one thousand dollars to get started and I moved in.  How I thank them and again I praise God! 
  I also needed a good location for the Friday morning prayer and praise breakfast.  The “Club Estates East” condominiums, where my wife and I live, have a lovely club house which they have made available to us.  How grateful we are to these good people.
  My daughter, Deborah, is right at her Dad’s side with the bookkeeping and mailing duties.  Brother Leon Hansen and Brother Bob King, with their tools, cameras, business experience, and computer knowledge, are putting their lives and assets to work in this ministry.  They do most of the driving and labor on the trips, while this old preacher rides along in the crew cab of Jesse’s Dodge.  Our goal is at least one mission trip per month our first year.  We have already made four trips and plan at least one more this month.  We will give you newsletters monthly with complete reports and pictures.  Our books are open for inspection by our Teammates.  If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.  Our prayer and determination is that all we do and say will be directed and blessed of God and used for His glory! 
  We welcome your involvement as a “Teammate”.  We assure you that we are called, committed, and fully persuaded that God’s hand is upon this work.  Will you join us with your prayers, support, and participation?  May God bless you real good!
Your old missionary brother, Don Cline



  Mission Trip No. 1

We traveled to the Warm Springs Reservation, here in Oregon, over the weekend of January 27th and 28th. We met with  several  members of the community at Kah-nee-ta Lodge for dinner. The following day, Sunday, we attended services at Paul's church and were then guests at the Long House where we unloaded about a hundred boxes of food, several boxes of clothing, and a number of Bibles for distribution. We were very  warmly received and look forward to visiting with them again.
    Billy Joe  Berry Speak Thunder is a rancher that Don was able to provide with hay after a severe wildfire a number of years back.  Billy Joe brought along his grandson Jacob to dinner.
    Paul Veath is a local pastor at Simnasho Community Church.
    Gladys Grant is a longtime missionary on the Warm Springs Reservation.

Here are some pictures from that trip:

Having dinner with Billy Joe, Paul, and
Gladys at the Kah-nee-ta Lodge

Left to Right: Gladys, Jacob, Paul ,
Billy Joe, and Don

Simnasho Community church, where Paul pastors, sets behind the old elementary school

First Nation's truck and trailer in front of the church building which is also the local police station

Don addresses the congregation

The groceries are laid out for distribution in the long house


Mission Trip No. 2

On Wednesday, February 28th we visited the Celilo Indian Village. It is located a short distance East of  The Dalles here in Oregon.

We were not sure just what to expect there. Our objective was primarily fact finding, to see how we might be of help to the villagers. But we also brought a small load of groceries. The very first person we ran into told us that three households had combined their resources, just the night before, in order to be able to prepare a  meal. So the food was a welcome blessing.

An Oregonian reporter, Eric Mortenson, was there covering the construction project that will provide fourteen new homes  and other facilities. Eric graciously helped unload and sort the groceries.

Not surprisingly, Don knew a number of family members of the Indians with whom we spoke; Some as far away as the Blackfoot Reservation in Browning Montana.

We will be visiting them again in the probably not too distant future. Please pray for us that we might be of genuine assistance to these folks, and that the life of Christ might be seen in our efforts and our lives.

Pictures from this trip:

Don with Karen Whitford

Karen sorting groceries with the kids

Kids helping with the sorting

Kids always know how to have fun


Mission Trip No. 3

On Thursday, March 8th, Bob King and Don Cline loaded the old 78 Ford with food and clothing and drove the 500 miles to the Northwest Indian Bible School at Alberton, Montana. It is always a great joy to minister to body and soul of these precious Indian kids and their dedicated teachers and staff. They quickly unloaded the truck and put us up for the night in their guest house. An early breakfast and fellowship on Friday morning got us all ready to share with students, staff, and friends in the chapel service at 10:00 am. What a wonderful two days! What a joy to have had a part in winning some of these to Jesus and helping them to come to this fine Bible school.


The entrance to NIBS campus

Food for the students

The dining hall

The beautiful campus

L to R; Bob King, Bob's brother Ted and his wife Jeannie, Don Cline

Don talks from his heart to the chapel