First Nation Ministries Mission Statement

Our Goal

In North America there are more than two and one-half million indigenous people who are in great material, moral, and spiritual need.  The authority of Christ's command to "Go Ye", the desperate physical and spiritual need of these people; and the lateness of the hour, all present an urgent imperative summons to Christians to more effectively minister to them.

Our primary goal, of course, is to take the gospel to the Native Peoples of North America. We generally do this by supporting those ministries already on the reservations. We are non-denominational in this endeavor. Any Christian church, missionary, or pastor involved in this vital undertaking is welcome to any and all the resources we can provide.

While our goal is the advancement of the Gospel, we recognize that there are many physical needs beyond Bibles, Hymnals and Tracts. It is our desire to support and encourage those already involved with this crucial effort.


            We endeavor to accomplish this, in accordance with God’s provision, by:


     Providing Food, Clothing, and other Life Essentials, for distribution by all Christian workers who seek our help

     Assisting in Bible Training via scholarship assistance

     Providing reliable donated Vehicles for reservation ministry workers

     Making available Guest Speakers, Teachers, and Evangelists

     Organizing and staging Crusades and Revivals

     Provide other functions and materials as requested and necessary  

Our Belief

            We are thankful to Almighty God for the gift of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and sincerely invoking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we recognize our responsibility under the great commission to give all men everywhere the privilege of hearing and receiving the Good News of Salvation.

We believe in:

    The eternal lostness of all mankind

    The revelation of God through Christ the Living Word

    The further revelation of God and His plan through the written Word (The Bible)

    The salvation of mankind through belief in Christ

    The sufficiency of God through the Holy Spirit to interpret and apply the truth of the Holy Scriptures to our lives

    The urgency of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) to declare the Good News to every nation

    The power of God to transform mankind from his lostness to eternal life

We, in unity with the body of believers, will work to accomplish the task.